Naddim with neNek @the GarDen fooD court- Mid valleY  

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is my 2nd time lunchs @the GarDen fooD court- Mid valleY nie.. tapi ni adalah pertama kalinya nenek n Naddim berkunjung mari... hehe,, so lepas penat pusing2 dalam the garden tu n sempat singgah lak ofis Hubby kat level 28 tu kitorang pun penat lahhh.. so kenalah isi perut dulu..

Naddim & NeNek;

posing depan menu;

The food court was quite big with a lot of stalls selling various
types of food - ada Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Western,
Mamak, Chicken Rice, desserts, etc...

Selamat datang!!;

Penang food... the proprietor can be annoying sometimes...
as they tried to push their food everytime people walked pass their stall..
Penang food;
so cRowded huh!!;

Lanna Thai stall... yup! Thai food of course...
I noticed a lot of people actually placed their orders here so I decided to give it a try.

Lanna Thai;

Pineapple fried rice;

Pineapple fried rice @ RM7.50 - a decent fried rice, which was enough for me.
However, the chilly sauce was hot and went well with the fried rice. Love it!

hmm.. yang ni i forgot price n apa name menunya.. my Hubby's menu!!

ABC time's LOL;

Mari mamammmm;

Naddim Nak nekkk!!;

Ayah & Anak;

NadDim NauFaL PasYA;

Walking On the red carpet!!;

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